'So You Think You Can Dance' changes rules for season 9

Before you turn on tonight’s premiere of “ So You Think You Can Dance” there are a few things you should know. The format and rules, which have stayed pretty much the same for the past 8 seasons, have been changed drastiaclly. 

First off, the show will no longer be on for two nights. How will this work, you might ask? Well, in a strategic manor that will increase the suspense in each episode.

Essentially, the eliminations will be done in a two-week rotation. The first week, the dancers will perform and the second week they will perform again, however, once their performance is over, they might be told they are in the bottom 3 based on last week's votes.  

"America will vote. We'll watch them dance in the second week, take into account America's vote and the week before's routine and make a decision," the producer of the show, Nigel Lythgo, told ET.

In another new twist, there will be a male winner and a female winner. Thus giving the competition a new edge and a new view on who to root for. 

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