Social Media is Changing the Way We Watch Presidential Debates

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The way we watch the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates is changing. With social media offering people many ways to interact and sound off about politics. Twitter, and Facebook are just some of the social media sites that are turning the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates into an interactive experience.

"It`s really changed how the candidates are now thinking about themselves, how their campaigns function, in how people are getting their information in real time," says Dr, Joesph Borell, Dept, Chair of Communications and Journalism at Shippensburg University.

Twitter says there were 7.2 million tweets during the last 90 minute debate, Dr. Borrell the university says this could be affecting undecided voters.

"Not necessarily on what they hear tonight on television in tonight`s debate from other people who influence them on face book, twitter, could have a profound effect on which candidate they decide to go for," says Borrell Social Media also giving people the chance to feel like they are part of the debate, doing their homework while tuning in -

" We can fact check while the debate is going on that`s the beauty of Twitter like i said we can do our own fact checking without having to wait," says Anne Deeter-Gallaher, Owner, Deeter Gallaher Group

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