Spanier attorneys dispute findings of Freeh report

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Attorneys for ousted Penn State president Graham Spanier attacked the findings of the Freeh report at a press conference in Philadelphia Wednesday morning.

 The report, which investigated how Penn State administrators handled allegations of Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing boys, claims Spanier helped cover up for Sandusky.

 "That myth, along with the free pass that its author has enjoyed thus far, ends today," said Timothy Lewis, an attorney for Spanier.

 Lewis said Spanier was never told about the sexual abuse.

 "There is nothing, nothing, full or complete about The Freeh Report as it applies to Dr. Spanier. Nor am I aware of any court in the land that would accept such unsupported and outrageous conclusions as independent or any judge that would put his or her name behind them," Lewis said.

 Spanier was fired from Penn State late last year, but has not been charged with anything.

 Two other Penn State administrators, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, face trial in January for lying to a grand jury and their role in handling the child abuse allegations.

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