Three Escape Early Morning Fire

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An early morning fire heavily damages a Cumberland County home. Luckily, everyone inside managed to get out before the fire spread.

Firefighters that were here earlier said the situation could have been much worse because the houses are so close together. The fire began at 10 South 17th Street. The three people inside got out safely just before the back side of the house went up in flames.

Charred siding and burned beams is evidence of a hot, fast moving fire that tore through a Cumberland County home.

"It was heavy fire from the rear of the structure from the outside," said Camp Hill Fire Chief Mark Simpson.

Firefighters got the call around 12:30 am for the house fire in Wormleysburg. When they got to the early 1900's house, they found flames pouring out of the back.

"We got a pretty quick knock down from the outside and we sent crews inside to investigate and we found heavy fire from the second floor of the interior," Simpson said.

By then, everyone inside had managed to get out safely. Crews were able to get a handle on the fire quickly enough to stop it from spreading to the house next door, a house believed to be built during the Civil War. But the conditions were rough, ice forming almost on contact. To help with the conditions, the chief says he brought in some extra help.

"Having adequate manpower is essential in weather conditions like this," he said.

It's that help and some good firefighting that saved two houses from going up in smoke.

The State Police Fire Marshall was on scene earlier and he will return when day breaks to try and determine that cause. At this point, they don't believe it was suspicious. The three people inside are staying with family and friends near by.

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