York County Historical Organization Hit by Tough Economy

Oyster Festival

A new day could be on the horizon for some York County historical sites. The York County Heritage Trust is facing financial problems after state funding for exhibits and operating costs was cut. Those in charge of the organization are now brainstorming new ways to make its historical sites more attractive in today's society. The hope is to gain more visitors.

"About a year ago we went through a strategic plan and identified three core theme that we're really focusing our efforts around: citizenship; government; ingenuity and innovation; and community connections, and we're doing programming around that, really trying to create a bigger relevance in the community for history and heritage," said Joan Mummert, York County Heritage Trust President and CEO. "So that people will in turn participate in what we do, find us exciting and engaging, and support us as well."

Luckily the organization has endowments and is able to utilize donations.

If you'd like to visit any of the organization's historical sites, a day pass is $10.00. People can also help the York County Heritage Trust by attending its Oyster Festival scheduled for October 16, 2011.

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