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Are the best places to work in Indiana here in Michiana?

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Do you like where you work, is it a happy place? Every year Indiana's Chamber of Commerce ranks the state's best places to work. And two local companies are hoping to receive No. 1 status. 

There are about 70 companies competing this year ... including one company each in Warsaw and South Bend.

How does this competition work?

A company has to choose to participate. Then all employees fill out a survey. They answer questions about pay and benefits, training, supervisors, and corporate culture.

So what do employees at these local companies say? WSBT wanted to find out.

  • It is Jared Huss' first job out of college. But he is no rookie. He has been with Lawson-Fisher Associates for nearly a decade.

"I love it," says Huss, "the opportunities are what have kept me here."
The same goes for many of the employees who work at Lawson-Fisher. The civil engineering firm has been in South Bend for more than 35 years and in all that time there hasn't been a lot of turnover. Employees say there is a reason for that.

"It is really the overall atmosphere," says Huss, "the employees are treated well we are given opportunities to grow and expand."

Huss says the work is challenging and there are opportunities for personal growth and continuing education. There is am emphasis on community involvement at Lawson-Fisher and most importantly for Huss, family values. 

"It is a great place to work," says Huss' co-worker, Theresa Harrison, "it is almost like family. People really are concerned about each other. And it is just a wonderful environment. Family is first and it is emphasized over and over."

  • It is a totally different business, nearly 50 miles away, but employees at Medtronic in Warsaw echo those at Lawson-Fisher.

"The thing I like best is the people and the opportunities we have in the company," says Don Keim, a Medtronic Machinist.

Keim has only worked for the medical device company for two years but he says it is by far the most "people-friendly" company he has ever worked for.

"They really want you to be a better employee here," says Keim.

Keim says they do that by offering continuing education and tuition reimbursement, good leadership and a friendly work environment.

Erica Bibler, a finisher at Medtronic, agrees with Keim. She has worked at Medtronic for a decade and if it is any indication of how much she likes it, "I'm hoping I can retire here."

Lawson-Fisher was named No. 2 in the state in 2011 for their size company. Medtronic was named No. 22. The companies will find out in May how they both fared in this competition.

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