New York Grilled Cheese

The Brooklyn Porkster: American and cheddar cheese, pulled pork, crispy onions and a fried egg, and the Hot Pork Sundae: fries topped with shredded pork, gravy and cajun American-Cheddar cheese at New York Grilled Cheese in Wilton Manors. Owner Leor Barak uses three kinds of bread: sourdough, country loaf and oatmeal wheat. The macaroni and cheese and tomato bisque, the latter of which comes with each sandwich, are made in-house. A favorite on the menu is the Wall Street Grindr Award sandwich: toasted sourdough with American-cheddar cheese, French fries, bacon, crispy onions, garlic butter and a fried egg. New York Grilled Cheese Company also a hot pork sundae, with fries, shredded pork, gravy and Cajun American-cheddar cheese. Barak, who is Canadian, also offers the French-Canadian favorite known as poutine: French fries, cheese morsels and hot gravy. The tiny restaurant has just a few tables and a long sofa. The cheddar-colored walls are decorated with famous cheese-related quotes. My favorite comes from comedian George Carlin: "When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?" New York Grilled Cheese Company: 2207 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, 954-564-6887, noon-11 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, noon-3 a.m. Thursday, noon-4 a.m., Friday-Saturday and noon-3 a.m. Sunday,
Amy Beth Bennett / Sun Sentinel
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