Budget Battle in Hartford

Eddie A. PerezDon Williams

Heavy rains forced a rally on the city's budget indoors, but it didn't drown out the message. Capital city leaders rallied together and urged state lawmakers to continue funding education and municipal aid.

"We're hoping that the state minimizes the effects of the decisions that are made here at the capital on the its own capital city," said Hartford Mayor, Eddie Perez.

The Mayor and Hartford Public Schools Superintendent, Steven Adamowski, said students this past year achieved a great deal over the past year, but the momentum could be lost without continued funding.

At greatest risk is a 4% educational cost sharing grant, which ensures every inner city child will get the same educational opportunities as any other child in the state.

"We're very concerned about our capacity to keep the achievement gap closing the way it is," said Adamowski.

Senate President Don Williams stopped in, but didn't provide the upbeat optimism many were hoping for, instead saying state revenues are down and cuts are a reality.

"What we're going through here now is a reflection of something that is affecting the entire world," said Williams.

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