Vandals Attack Church Food Pantry

New Milford

Locks and windows smashed, holes in walls, food smeared from the walls to the ceilings, frozen meats from the freezer tossed onto the floor. The destructions didn't end there. When vandals weren't making a mess, they were busy stealing medical equipment.

Hank LeMien, who dedicated countless hours to "Our Daily Bread," the food pantry sponsored by the New Milford United Methodist Church, said he was hurt when he learned of the destruction.

"It was really devastating," said LeMien.

But it wasn't long before the news spread through the community. Volunteers came from everywhere and helped with not only cleanup, but also donated more food to help replenish supplies and it was all done in time for Thursday's food pantry hours.

"People are just wonderful," said LeMien.

"They never even considered the impact that it could have on other people. What I hope is that you know people understand that there are people in the world who are thoughtless and cruel and unkind but there are more people in this world who are good and generous loving," added Reverend Stephanie Bennett.

A local company even outfitted the pantry will a full alarm system free of charge. Meanwhile police still searched for the vandals. If anyone has any information, they're asked to call New Milford Police.

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