Clausen better prepared for Michigan this time

University of Notre DameJimmy Clausen

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) - Michigan will see a different Jimmy Clausen when it faces Notre Dame Saturday.

Last year, the Irish quarterback was making just his second start and the Wolverines took advantage. He fumbled the ball away to set up the Wolverines' first touchdown, threw an interception to set up their third TD, and was sacked eight times, including once getting hit by four defenders. He was so beat up he didn't play the fourth quarter.

Notre Dame lost 38-0.

Clausen concedes he barely knew enough to do his job, never mind helping others know what they were supposed do.

This is a different season, though. Coach Charlie Weis says Clausen knows his job better this year. And last Saturday, Clausen led the Irish to a 21-13 victory over San Diego State.

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