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Sports Performance Enhancement; The Missing Link

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As a Doctor I consistently look at what happens to my patients and the best measures to help them perform better either before or after an injury occurs. I also look around at what other forms of healthcare promote and why they either work or not. As this is the case, I fully expect that the rest of the healthcare model would follow suit, but it doesn't. So thanks to the editors Channel 4, I will be able to bring another not well known perspective regarding an alternative asset to the athlete. If any of the following are areas of improvement that may interest you, please read on.

  • Running Faster
  • Better Coordination & Balance
  • Increased Range of Motion - Better Movement
  • Peak Performance - Allowing you to be your Best!
  • Proactive strategy for Reducing Injuries

According to the British Chiropractic Sports Council, "Chiropractic, particularly sports chiropractic, can be of enormous benefit in training and preventing sports-related injuries and improving athletic performance."

Benefits Athletes Receive With Chiropractic

Chiropractic care bolsters the athlete's range of motion, coordination and balance. Runners experience a boost in their performance. Overall chiropractic promotes a proactive strategy to reduce injuries and allow the body to function at peak performance. Measured progress should be the objective of the Chiropractic Doctor to ensure that the appropriate treatment and plan is administered. Go to and look at the testimonial page for more interesting perspectives on how Chiropractic helped their performance.

Perform Faster & Safer

Young athletes have made incredible achievements via Chiropractic Treatment. The #1 & #2 Female Indiana State Gymnastic Champs both benefited from Chiropractic. The #2 National Champ enjoyed its benefits. I know of 2 local track athletes that both achieved 6 foot 10 inch high jumps, one of which had broken his foot the previous fall, both helped through the work of a Doctor of Chiropractic. I know of a young softball player that had severe knee pain that was cleared up through the use of a simple pair of orthotics and discovered scoliosis in that same athlete. I know of a young athlete who lost her Volleyball scholarship due to preventable bilateral knee injuries. I know these things because I was their Chiropractor. Why were these not discovered by the standard medical and sports examinations? How could the obvious issues seen by a Chiropractic Doctor be simply missed by those that control sports medicine in today's care model? I'll leave that for your speculation and judgment.

As presented here, Doctors of Chiropractic identify underlying areas of dysfunction, which prevent athletes from achieving optimal performance and correct those deficiencies. These impediments include vertebral subluxations, weakened muscles and motor-control issues. Keep in mind that symptoms, such as pain, are often the final (not the first) signal of a hidden spinal dysfunction. Athletes with spinal joint disorder may be unaware of the problem until a certain motion or an increase in practice time results in disabling pain---or until their talent seems to drop for no apparent reason. Often missed Scoliosis is the culprit. Indiana no longer requires the school to assess for Scoliosis. That's why it's important to take a proactive stance and schedule a Chiropractic evaluation prior to playing sports so you may finish the mechanical portion of the sports pre-participation physical required by the IHSAA. For more information on Scoliosis and an alternative bracing system:

For some, these statements will be controversial. I welcome the dialogue from those that wish to make their positions known. Please contact me via e-mail: Dr.McDougle@Comcast.Net or post your comments below.

Please research these topics and more via my website: . The site is a resource for information that you most likely will not receive from your current Sports support system. I look forward to your comments.

About Dr. McDougle: Dr. McDougle is a veteran of the Sports Arena after having served the NAFL as the Medical Coordinator of the Indiana Tornados, developing a series of techniques that benefited Professional & Amateur International Strongman Competitors, and assisting many college scholarship recipients through Chiropractic. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana and is the Chairman for the Chiropractic Insurance Compliance Council for the same organization. He has offices in both Fishers and Pendleton Indiana.

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