Best Place to Eat at the Bar

1) Match

Eating at the bar is a strange experience. You might do it if you are grabbing a quick bite on your own, in from out of town and flying solo, or in a group when all the tables are full. Guys often do it when they are out together so they can watch TV and not have to look at each other. If you're going to dine barside, the place to do it is at Match. Chef and co-owner Matt Storch said of his SoNo outpost, “We have two bars, with two completely different atmospheres and you can get the full menu at both — which is rare.” The front bar is more polished and upscale — a place to see and be seen, with flat-screen televisions and a lively atmosphere. The back bar cozies up to the restaurant's wood-burning stove and open-air kitchen. It's more intimate and allows diners to watch much of the food being prepared. Choose this bar for a first date — if the conversation's dull, you can always just watch the chefs put on a show.

98 Washington St.
South Norwalk
(203) 852-1088


2) Ash Creek Saloon

2895 Fairfield Ave.
(203) 333-2733

2 Wilton Ave.
(203) 847-7500

3) Black Duck Cafe

605 Riverside Ave.
(203) 227-7978

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