Best Place to Hear Local Music


1) Acoustic Café

Every local band plays at the Acoustic Café at some point. It’s a rite of passage. Whether it’s a singer-songwriter from across the street playing her first open-mic night ever or a polished group poised to make a splash on a national level (see the Stepkids), the Café has seen it all on its intimate stage. Black Rockers know they can wander in on any given night to experience the pulse of the local scene on any given night, and have a couple of beers too. The picks taped to the walls with autographs next to them show a partial history of the acts that have played there, a yearbook of sorts that makes it seem like each performer is part of a team. It’s not just a venue — it’s a neighborhood living room, where you can relax, hang out, make some new friends, catch up with old ones, and hear some great homegrown music.

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2926 Fairfield Ave.
(203) 335-3655

2) Huntington Street Cafe

90 Huntington St.
(203) 925-9064

3) Two Boots of Bridgeport

277 Fairfield Ave.
(203) 331-1377

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