Best Place to Buy Fresh Produce

Whole Foods MarketStamfordDanburyStew Leonard's

1) Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods may be a chain, but it prides itself on buying produce from local farmers. That’s a big part of how Whole Foods’ reputation has spread — wherever you see a Whole Foods sign, you know a good potion of their fruits and vegetables came from practically up the road. But its produce selection isn’t at the whim of the local growing season — if a particular fruit or vegetable can’t be found locally, they’ll ship it in from somewhere in the world where it’s currently in season. And with a wide selection of organic produce, you can take care to keep unwanted chemicals off your table.

90 E. Putnam Ave.
(203) 661-0631

399 Post Rd.
(203) 227-6858

150 Ledge Rd.
(203) 662-0577

2) Stew Leonard's

100 Westport Ave.
(203) 847-7214

99 Federal Rd.
(203) 790-8030

3) Fairway Market

699 Canal St.
(203) 388-9815

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