Best Beer For Beer Pong

1) Bud Light

Everybody loves beer pong. It’s a low-risk, high entertainment-value game that involves a ping-pong table, beer, four willing imbibers and balls. “You'd think it's only for the college kids,” said Brett Hollander, marketing director for Hartford Distributors. “But you can be any age. You just have to have the interest and an eight-foot table.” Bud Light, Hollander said, is the ideal beer-pong beer, simply because “it’s all about fun.” “A lot of it has to do with Anheuser Busch’s marketing campaigns,” Hollander said. “They always have good tag lines that engage people. Bud light's really about fun and being the life of the party.”

Hartford Distributors Inc., 131 Chapel Road
(860) 643-2337


2) Coors Light

Rogo Distributors, 65 Roberts St.
East Hartford
(860) 528-9381


3) Miller Lite

65 Roberts St.
East Hartford
(860) 528-9381

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