Best Light Beer

1) Bud Light

If you plan to party long-term, it’s probably a good idea to keep it light, beer-wise. That’s the expert opinion of Hartford Distributors marketing director Brett Hollander, whose Bud Light wins this category year after year. “Bud Light’s for when you want to party and continue to party.” It’s a “session-able beer,” as Hollander called it, with a 4.2% alcohol content rather than the usual 5% Budweiser action. “You can drink multiple beers, responsibly, of course, and still have a good time for a few hours,” he said. “People are really into it. It’s really easy to drink, and it’s an approachable beer.”

Hartford Distributors Inc., 131 Chapel Road
(860) 643-2337


2) Coors Light

Rogo Distributors, 65 Roberts St.
East Hartford
(860) 528-9381


3) Blue Moon

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