Best Park

1) Elizabeth Park

Hartford has acres of history. We got your Mark Twain, your Harriet Beecher Stowe, your Wallace Stevens, your Samuel Colt, your Thomas Hooker. Major-league cultural shapers all. A somewhat lesser-known light is Frederick Law Olmsted, born in Hartford in 1822. He grew up here. He's buried here too. His father had a store on the corner of Pearl and Main streets. Olmsted was an important journalist -- he chronicled slavery throughout the south, and he also co-founded The Nation. But he's more widely known as the father of American landscape architecture. Olmsted designed Central Park, the Emerald Necklace in Boston, the landscape surrounding the U.S. Capitol, and numerous other world famous spots. He helped select the location for Trinity College. His firm also designed Elizabeth Park (which is in both West Hartford and Hartford), which stands out among the region's other impressive parks, in part because of its prominence as a spot to view the park's luxuriant roses and as a place to bask or hear live music on summer weekends.

corner of Prospect and Asylum Ave.
Hartford/West Hartford
(860) 231-9443

2) Bushnell Park

P.O. Box 230778
(860) 232-6710

3) Wickham Park

1329 West Middle Turnpike
(860) 528-0856

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