Best Italian Restaurant

New Haven (New Haven, Connecticut)ItalyGuilford (New Haven, Connecticut)

1) L'Orcio

New Haven is filled with Italian restaurants. From Dwight Street to St. John Street, it's nearly impossible to walk two blocks without finding an Italian restaurant or pizza joint, serving plenty of tomato-based fare. So what sets L'Orcio apart from the pack? Well, a commitment to using fresh, local and organic ingredients is one step. Co-owner Alison De Renzi says “we buy great ingredients, and we've moved a lot towards organic, hormone-free, and free range meats.” The restaurant ranges across Italy for inspiration, says De Renzi, “we sample Italy, from the south to the north.”

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806 State St.
New Haven
(203) 777-6670

2) Tre Scalini Ristorante

100 Wooster St.
New Haven
(203) 777-3373

3) Quattros Italian

14 Water Street
(203) 453-6575

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