Best Place to See a Concert

1) Oakdale Theatre

The original Oakdale was built in 1954, a theater-in-the-round erected in the middle of an alfalfa field in Wallingford. It mainly hosted musicals. But by the late '60s, the Doors, the Who, Cream and Led Zeppelin had performed there. The current Oakdale was built in 1997, a 4,600 seat theatre that serves either as a launching pad for artists about to break, or an intimate stage for huge stars to have special performances on. "The Oakdale has always been the leader in bringing in new talent or established talent," says Jim Bozzi, director of marketing for Live Nation, which owns the theater. "Britney Spears started there. John Mayer started there. It's been there for over 50 years for a reason. We don't just do one niche of music, it's everything." In the past couple of years, they've also been hosting shows "in the dome," in which the 1,700 capacity lobby is transformed into a stage of its own. "We've been doing more and more of these electronic shows in the dome, which have become quite a force in live entertainment, rapidly," says Bozzi. "It's our foray into bringing in a younger audience." Preshow dinners in the X-Finity Lounge along with the dome shows contribute to the concept of using the Oakdale as a campus. "We incorporate all aspect of the theatre," says Bozzi. Upcoming summer shows include Crosby, Stills and Nash, Norah Jones and Flux Pavilion.

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95 S. Turnpike Road
(203) 265-1501

2) Mohegan Sun

1 Mohegan Sun Blvd.
(888) 226-7711

3) Yale University - Woolsey Hall


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