CD of the Week: Girls

Cults and SectsPink Floyd (music group)Tennis (music group)

Father, Son, Holy Ghost
(True Panther)

Girls embodies many of the micro trends in the world of indie rock. There's the Phil Spector/girl-groupish vibe, with songs and recordings that seem to transform sexual yearning into a kind of transcendent devotional ecstasy all its own; both the production style and the sentiment are a throwback (see the Drums). Then there's the band-name-that-is-practically-unsearchable-by-Google element, which, I'm guessing, equates a kind of online anonymity with authenticity and a welcome escape from the trappings of rock-band posturing (see Pizza!, Tennis, and Stepdad). And then there's the frontman's backstory: he was allegedly raised in a religious cult (see Prince Rama). But none of that overshadows the way these songs spin ache, longing and emotional frailty into pop. This time the music is a shade less Wall-of-Sound and a shade more Pink Floyd The Wall, with a pervading dark, brooding edge.

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