Ryan Leaf arrested, again

Some people know Ryan Leaf as the former NFL quarterback who was drafted #2 behind Peyton Manning and expected to rival Manning throughout his career. Everyone else knows him as the world’s biggest fuck-up, a talented idiot who couldn’t control his temper and threw away a promising future. Either way, he’s been arrested. Again.

"Authorities believe former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf might have broken into Montana homes in search of prescription drugs over the past 1½ years. He will face a judge Monday in his latest criminal case."

It must suck to be Ryan Leaf. The guy probably did a bunch of decent things in his life, but all anyone remembers is that he was the biggest bust in NFL history (sorry, JaMarcus Russell!). He had a chance to make millions and win Super Bowls, but instead he joins a select group of individuals who are known only for one terrible thing. Basically that group includes Leaf, the guy who Michael Jordan dunked over on that poster, rapper Chino XL who Tupac said could fuck off in “Hit ‘Em Up,” the dude driving the tank in Tiananmen Square, and Kato Kaelin. It’s not a group you want to be a part of.


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