Pacers Playoffs Notebook: Hill thinks Pacers "need to have fun" on the court

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If you had to pick one Indiana Pacer to have a genuine smile on his face when playing the game of basketball, point guard George Hill would be among the top candidates in which most fans would choose. At Tuesday's early afternoon shootaround at the American Airlines Arena, Hill had similar advice to his teammates in preparation for game two against the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.

"Any NBA team is going to have their spurts where they don't score," said Hill about the Pacers scoring problems in the fourth quarter.

"I don't think anybody needs to get their drawls in a bunch or anything like that. We just have to play basketball, and whatever happens, happens. The path is already made, but at the same time we need to focus, stay together, execute a little bit better, and communicate a little bit better, and just have fun out there. All season long everybody has been playing with smiles on their faces, and I think we just got away from that the last game. Just be happy and just play."

Indiana (0-1) lost game one on Sunday afternoon 95-86 after controlling the first three quarters, a loss that hit the team rather hard in the locker room afterwards. Pacers shooting guard Paul George, who had a well below-average game one against Miami with six points off of 1-5 shooting, agreed with Hill's sentiments that the team needs to draw together as a unit in order to play well against the Heat in game two.

"We had a lot of uncharacteristic moments in game one," said Paul George. "We have been so well at staying together and nobody lashing out as far as getting on each other. We have done an excellent job as staying as a unit, and we have to do that again tonight. This whole team, from the coaches, the front office, we all just need to stay together."

After a poor performance Sunday with seven points and 1-10 shooting during game one, Pacers captain Danny Granger had made it known to the media that the team needed to find ways to get him involved more effectively in the rhythm of the offense. In response to Hill's comments that the team needed to have fun again, Granger made it known that the concept of enjoying the game of basketball is reiterated to the team on a consistent basis.

"That's something we always emphasize at the beginning of each game is to just have fun," said Granger.

"To have fun, because we are all playing a game. We have the greatest jobs in the world and we need to remember that instead of getting too down on ourselves. After losing a game like this it is easy to hang your head, but the good thing about it is that we get to play tonight."

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel hinted that the coaching staff has made a game-plan that will try to get Granger more looks on the offensive end for game two, with or without the NBA Most Valuable Player Lebron James guarding him.

"It's as much his teammates as anybody," said Vogel about Granger's offensive woes in game one.

"We are putting some different looks in just go free him up from Lebron and also Battier. That's what nobody is really talking about. Lebron does a great job on Danny, but sometimes Lebron is on David West and Shane Battier is doing a great job as well and you have to give him credit. But he (Granger) knows that he needs to try to be more assertive, his teammates needs to see him when he's open on the second side a lot of the times, and I have to do a little bit better getting creative and getting him shots."

Indiana plays Miami Tuesday night in game two at the American Airlines Arena, with tip-off taking place at 7:00 p.m.

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