Hibbert hopes for a Bigger and Better Area 55 in Second Year

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The Pacers may not "officially" have a coach yet, but Roy Hibbert is making preparations for an exciting season inside Conseco Fieldhouse.

Hibbert is once again purchasing 55 club-level season tickets to be awarded to the best, loudest, and craziest fans during this summer's Area 55 audition.

"I really feel like the atmosphere in Conseco was a little down my first two years. We got the idea to make it like college, and a European soccer atmosphere. People are on their feet screaming, yelling, if they don't like the call, they let the refs know it, if they don't like a certain player, they're going to let them know it as well. I'm very happy with season one, and season two is going to be better," said Hibbert Friday during a visit to the Fox 59 Studios.

While Hibbert was talking about his fan-friendly event, we did have a chance to ask him about the future of Frank Vogel. Hibbert, always one to speak his mind, offered a pretty solid endorsement for Vogel to get the head coaching job permanently.

"I hope Coach Frank gets the job, Larry (Bird) is going to make the decision soon," said Hibbert. "Larry is a great front office guy. He comes to me, tells me little tidbits, I have a feeling he knows what the players want, I think Frank is good for the team," Hibbert added.

Fans who think they have what it takes to make the 55-fan cut for admission into Area 55 can visit the Kroger in Nora Saturday from 11 AM - 1 PM. Hibbert and Paul George will be among the judges for the "American Idol" style Videos can also be uploaded on the website: www.pacers.com/area55.

Watch the video at the top of the page for more from Hibbert about Area 55 and also his off-season workouts and the current NBA Final series between the Heat and Mavericks.

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Indiana PacersSportsFrank VogelBasketballNBA Finals