Wayne's uncertainty on lockout put aside for Celebrity basketball game

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An event in his namesake--how could he not be thrilled? Saturday night at the Indiana Black Expo downtown Indianapolis featured the Amp Harris and Reggie Wayne "Save Our Youth" Celebrity Basketball Game, an event co-hosted by the Colts' wide receiver that donates all proceeds to helping endangered youths stay off the streets and live normal, healthy lives. Wayne has been apart of the event for several years and with a bit of free time on his hands given the current NFL lockout situation, reminds himself that he always has time for charity.

"Whenever you come down to the 317 it's always a great thing," Wayne said. "I'm excited about being here all the time. It's a great atmosphere, a great cause, everybody's down here having a great time--you gotta love it."

Like other players trying to gear up for the season whether it happens on time or not, Wayne has been conditioning in Indianapolis, prepared to play when the season starts. Rumors have recently surfaced that the lockout is going to end in a few days due to the upcoming meeting of NFL owners in Atlanta next week. However, the wide receiver legend is taking this information with a grain of salt and isn't getting his hopes up as negotiations have occurred earlier in the summer, but the owners and players union have failed to come to a resolution.

"Whenever they're ready man, just call me, man," Wayne said. "All the back and forth stuff, you don't know what's going to happen. The only thing you can do is just sit back. Whenever I see a 317 area code I know it's time to go to work. Other than that I'm just continuing to do the things I'm doing now."

Colts center and NFL Players Association rep Jeff Saturday has been a "trooper" according to Wayne for attending meetings all over the country trying to reason with owners about when the lockout will end. Wayne's teammate Gary Brackett was also playing in the charity event and seemed more upbeat about the lockout coming to an end than his wide receiver teammate.

"They're making progress," Brackett said referring to the negotiations between the players and team owners. "We just have to wait and see, be patient. There are still a lot of things to work through so I'm confident they're going to work through them and we can go ahead and get the season started."

Like Brackett, Wayne is no spring chicken at 32 years old and while talks of whether he was going to come to training camp on time last year, the wide receiver isn't too concerned about his contract with his current team.

"I'm a Colt, where else am I going to be?" Wayne said. "I'm going to go to work, that's what I do."

Wayne's attitude towards the entire situation is to be ready for whatever decision is made, whenever that may be. Despite getting older, he isn't letting any talk or uncertainty of what his situation will be affect his mentality towards the game and his preparation for the season.

"Why change? Just because they say I'm unemployed I'm supposed to sit back and eat bonbons all day? No. I'm going to continue to do the things I've been doing hoping that everything falls into place on time. If not, I'll still be ready. One thing about it--when they call me and tell me to come to work I'm going to be ready. I'm in the best shape I've ever been, I'm feeling good and ready to prove people wrong that I'm getting old like my man Mike Chappell."

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