1st-2-3rd: Thanks ManRam

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With the ARoid story still in the headlines, Manny helped all of us realize the true meaning of baseball...Greed.

While most of us are hoping that our next paychecks don't bounce and wondering if we should pass on food or clothes this week, Manny is comfortable turning down a 2 year- 45 million dollar deal with the Dodgers. I don't really blame Manny though. The last few years of baseball saw salaries and more importantly ticket prices grow exponentially and all players needed to try to get theirs. Some turned to steroids, others played past their prime trying to cash in on a once great name but all tried to get paid. Owners didn't mind shelling out big bucks knowing that a player like ManRam will help fill the stadiums and help sell the $12 beers and $8 hot dogs.

We are to blame too because we went to the games and bought the beers and nachos and hot dogs. Bought the jerseys and programs. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying my hard earned money to see a great player or a great game. Ryan Freel earned every cent I ever spent at the Reds games by playing until his body literally fell apart. Greg Maddux earned every beer I bought in the bleachers at Wrigley when I watched him fool another hitter and induce a little grounder to short.

But not Manny. Manny is as one dimensional as a player can get. The only real exciting part about watching him play is picking the over/under on how long it takes him to knock off his batting helmet as he jogs out a ground ball. He refuses to play half of the time and the other half he refuses to try. Not the type of player who is going to inspire legions of fans to make the trek to the ball park. Not a guy I'm going to spend my hard earned (well I'm a blogger so maybe it is just earned) money on. Things are tight and paying money to see some multi-millionaire not play because he "is Manny being Manny" is crazy. So to the Dodgers and all major league GM's: I have a glove, I'd look just as funny in Left as Manny, and I might actually beat out an infield single. Oh and I'd sign for half of that contract Manny turned down. You may even save enough money on me to knock down ticket prices.

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