Intense media coverage, desire for the spotlight, and random appearances by names of the past makes the Super Bowl the elite sporting event.

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Dear Diary,

I'm still cold. I dont' get it either because of gained weight, but that's a who other can of worms so I'll leave that there.

Despite the temperatures staying in the teens and 20s, my mind has still been clear enough to see the pure entertainment value of "The Big One."

No, not Michael Moore's very solid business commentary back in the 1990s, but the Super Bowl and its first appearance in Dallas.

For one, it brings out all of the entertainment acts you can ever want, and the Black Eyed Peas aren't even included.

There was a man from Nickelodeon television dressed as a Super Hero. Fox Sports Radio's Vic "The Brick" Jacobs-who hosts a fittingly named show called "Loose Cannons"-wore a bright white fur coat which he talked a few players into wearing.

Donald Driver appreciated it, considering the cold temperatures made for a bit of a chilly media day.

Ross the Intern from NBC's "The Tonight Show" continued to bring his own form of humor to a few not-so-famous players. The Hollywood talk show "Entertainment Tonight" had their annual pop culture quiz.

Plus as much as she tried to blend in, Azteca TV's Inez Sainz very quickly became a focus of journalists after alleged harrasment by the New York Jets. She graciously answered every question.

Oh, and a guy with a big beard put on a big wig of hair in reference to his teammate for a funny photo. Translation: The facial-hair smothered Brad Keisel mimicked his Steelers teammate Troy Polamalu-whose hair is so copious that he has his own shampoo commercial.

Only at the Super Bowl. Only in this game can you turn one way or the other and have a creative story right at your finger tips. Whether its a player's Colts or Indiana connection, or something unique from talents to even clothing, or just down right entertaining.

For a person who loves to tell stories, its like "Candyland" or perhaps a smaller less dramatic version of the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory. The atmosphere is so full with storylines that it almost gets a little overwhelming, where choosing what to focus on is almost as important as execution.

Boy, my head is full. Diary, I'm out.

Take care,


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