Larry Hawley plays the role of an Pacers' basketball fan, asking questions about the delay in hiring coach Frank Vogel-and the team as it heads to the lockout.

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At last, the Pacers have a coach.

Trust us, no jaws were dropped when Frank Vogel stepped to the podium last Wednesday with Larry Bird at the team's coaching announcement news conference.

The interim coach was over .500 in the regular season and helped the Pacers give the top-seeded Bulls more of a fight than many thought in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

But the team waited nearly three months to finally pull the trigger on the hire, as Bird hoped to assemble a veteran staff around the young coach before making the announcement.

That in alone provides many questions for Pacers fans, which Larry Hawley plays in this edition of "The Hawley Questionnaire". But there is the issue of the lockout, which in itself affect many other things.

Click on the video above to watch this edition of "The Hawley Questionnaire".

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