Dragon Racing's rough Indy 500 month continues

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These are challenging times for the Dragon Racing team. During practice before Bump Day, Patrick Carpentier, filling in for Scott Speed, crashed and severely damaged his car. This will most likely lead to the team being shut out of the Indianapolis 500.

"I kind of hit sideway and was a little bit dizzy at first because you always hit pretty hard," said Carpentier. "I thought it was going to be a fun comeback, but it was a hard comeback"

Carpentier had been called on to fill in for Scott Speed, who left the team under unusual circumstances. Rumors swirled that Speed had quit the team, a claim that could not be confirmed. Shortly after the crash today, Speed tweeted the following: "Just a good thing no 1 was hurt, Not fun place when u have such an unstable car. Big thanks to Fuzzy's Vodka n team, they worked so hard!"

Obviously there seems to be some unresolved issues for the DragonRacing Fuzzy's Vodka team. These incidents happened after the other Dragon Racing driver, Ho-Pin Tung, crashed during his qualifying run yesterday and was ruled out after sustaining a mild concussion.

Tung's car was apart of a Dragon Racing team working with Sam Schmidt Motorsports. Tung was attempting to become the first ever Chinese licensed driver to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.

As for Carpentier, his chance to save Dragon Racing and steal a spot in the 500 was short lived. He rushed to Indianapolis after getting the call as a replacement, but did not expect his time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway to be so short lived.

"I flew all night and got in at 12:30 this morning," said Carpentier. "It was a short night but I enjoyed it. The car was pretty good at first."

There is a possibility that the Dragon Racing team could look for a loaner car and still attempt to qualify. It is widely known that Team Penske often brings multiple cars and has been known to loan them out. However, after back to back days of losing cars, it seems Dragon Racing may be forced to give up on the Indianapolis 500.

"I think they want to get ready for the next one instead; they don't have too many cars," said Carpentier." "I was hoping to at least give it a shot at qualifying and see where we're at, but it happens I guess that's racing."

No one could have expected Dragon Racing to be faced with so many challenges a full week before the "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" takes place. Unless there is a sudden change, it seems issues within the team and on the track will cause them to bow out.


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