Reggie Wayne, Antoine Bethea plan to join 9/11 shoe tribute

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A pair of these sit right next to his locker at the Colts complex Friday afternoon.

They're hard not to miss, considering their Red, White and Blue contrasts directly with the typical black shoes that are worn by the Colts on a weekly basis.

Reggie Wayne has good reason for the wardrobe change.

"To just honor that day," said the Colts receiver about wearing the special Reebok cleats in honor of September 11th, the day of the Colts opener against the Texans. "To honor everybody who lost loved ones or lost their lives, families and their lost loved ones and friends."

Wayne also said he didn't mind if the gesture would warrent a fine, since the colors are in violation of the NFL rule that requires teams to wear either all white or all black shoes.

"It needs to be recognized and that's a way the guys can put their two cents," said Wayne of the jesture, but he nor others in the NFL will have to put dollars into the venture.

The NFL informed clubs on Friday that these cleats will be allowed for week one, which falls on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that saw the total destruction of New York's World Trade Center and heavy damage to the Pentagon in Washington.

A total of four planes were brought down by terrorists and is considered one of the landmark moments in United States history.

Safety Antoine Bethea will also join Wayne in wearing the cleats for Sunday's game with the Texans, choosing those over the black cleats which the Colts as a team traditionally wear.

"Me and Reg said 'Hey, why not?'," said Bethea of the cleats. "It's just something special."

Many around the league have felt the same, including the Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs and Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles all have said they will don the patriotic shoes during their games.


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