IPS cop talks about her experience so far on American Idol

Hollywood got a taste of Indianapolis, as a local woman made it through to the next round in American Idol.
However, there is much more to Alisha Bernhardt than just her voice.  She is not just a performer. She is also an Indianapolis Public Schools police officer.

“I’ve been working for IPS for almost five years now,” said Bernhardt.
Fox59 sat down with Bernhardt on Friday to talk about the experience and why performing was not necessarily the toughest challenge.

Bernhardt found there is a lot more to becoming a star than just hitting all the right notes.

“Awesome. Great.  Nobody likes cops,” said Bernhardt on Thursday’s episode of American Idol. “Nobody wants to be in my group.” 

That was not the only obstacle Bernhardt faced.

“We had a lot of people sick,” said Bernhardt. “We had strep throat. We had people passing out, people throwing up.”

However, she said there were plenty of good memories.

“We had a good time,” said Bernhardt. “We sang together. We danced together. We were down in the basement playing guitar. We had dinner together.”

Bernhardt was not able to tell Fox59 if she made it past the Hollywood auditions.

“You seem happy, so we’re going to take that as a good sign,” said Fox59’s Ray Cortopassi.

“Don’t dig too deep,” replied Bernhardt.

Tune in next Wednesday to see Bernhardt and the rest of the Hollywood finalists perform.  It begins at 8 p.m. on Fox!

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