Boys, 10, accused of setting abandoned garage on fire

Albert Johnson

Two 10-year-old boys have been accused of arson.

Muncie Police Department Investigator Rick Howell said the two young boys were accused of setting an abandoned garage on fire Monday. It burned to the ground. There have been two other fires set within blocks from each other and detectives are looking into whether the fires are related.

"We're still investigating those to see if there is a possibility that they're connected with those two (boys)," Howell said.

People who live in the area are surprised about the back-to-back fires within the last month. Albert Johnson, who lives next to the garage that was set on fire, believes the two boys should have been home.

"(They) should've been at home with mommy and daddy was at or they shouldn't been out that time of evening," Albert Johnson said.

"They should've been home. I know if I was 10 years old, I know I wouldn't be out," Titus Lawler said.

Detectives said the two kids have been charged with one count of arson each.

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