Butler Police investigate crime near campus for second time this week

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Butler University put its campus alert system to use for the second time in one week. Students received a mass email message Wednesday morning about an armed robbery close to campus.

"Then today we got an email with further details about what had happened, which made it a little scarier because apparently it was an armed robbery and a car had been stolen, which shook me up a little bit," said Katie Bolinger, a junior at Butler.

The victim walked to the Butler University Police Station at about 1:30 a.m. because the suspects stole his phone in the robbery. He said one man was wearing a mask and had a gun and the student could hear the armed man talking to another person. The two suspects then took off in the student's car, police said.

Butler Police said the Indianapolis Metro Police Department is assisting in the investigation and two people have been arrested in connection with Wednesday's crime. They said they are not sure if the two in custody are the robbery suspects or if they were just in possession of stolen items from the house.

Officers have not tracked down the stolen car: a white 4-door Dodge Stratus with "In God We Trust" license plates that read XW8000.

Saturday, a man reported an attempted robbery after he said a man jumped out of some bushes and demanded money. That incident also happened on Rookwood Avenue, which is about a block from campus and is the same street where the armed robbery took place Wednesday.

IMPD is investigating Saturday's incident. No arrests have been made at this time in that case.

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