Butler University hosts voter registration drive Tuesday

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A nationwide effort to get out the vote took root at Butler University.

Tuesday was the first ever National Voter Registration Day.

More than 1,100 organizations across the country are helping people get registered to vote in time for the fall elections.

At Butler, a booth in Jordan Hall helped students conveniently register to vote between classes.

"You can't really complain about who's elected and stuff unless you do your part and vote,” said Hannah Hildebrandt.

"This is the first time I can vote this year and, as a young person, I feel like we need to be more aware for our future and our voice needs to be heard,” said Gayle Ocampo.

The booth also helped students who live out of state to get an absentee ballot.

The last day you can register to vote in Indiana for the fall election is Oct. 9.

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