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Carmel city attorney faces critics for staying at Indy hotels paid for by citizens

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Ethics professors and some city council members are increasingly concerned about Carmel's city attorney staying in Indianapolis hotels during seminars, instead of driving from home.

Fox59 uncovered hotel bills where Haney spent hundreds of dollars in the past two years staying overnight in Indianapolis hotels. Haney defends himself, saying he often is a speaker and sometimes even the chairman of events.

"I'm preparing my speech in the morning.  I don't want to be late, I don't want my car to break down, " said Haney.

In the past two years, Haney has spent nearly $1,000 staying at Hiltons in downtown Indianapolis, the airport and at a Hampton Inn.

One Butler University ethics professor questions whether it's the right thing to do as a public figure, being held to a higher standard.

"If I were a taxpayer and that was my money, I think it's unwise judgement," said Butler professor Richard McGoward.

Haney wouldn't go on camera, but released the following statement in regards to a June 11 stay at a downtown Hilton that cost the taxpayer $247:

"I was in Indianapolis the night before the June seminar to meet with the Municipal Lawyers Association general counsel and the International Municipal Lawyers Association general counsel. I was very productive."

Haney said he stays the night to meet contacts and because early in the morning, he needs time to prepare for his speeches and even meet with key contacts to conduct crucial business.

"It seems to me that he can take a sacrifice. Instead of getting up at 7 a.m., he could get up at 5 a.m. like speakers are supposed to do."

Haney said he also thought it was fine because the clerk treasurer also stays in Indianapolis.  

Diana Cordray said she stayed for a two day conference in 2008 and plans to stay in Indianapolis for a three day conference later this year, but that she never spends the night for a one day event. Instead, she chooses to drive.

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