Cold To Reload


Area temps tumbled to the coolest levels in just over 4 months early Wednesday morning.  The city officially fell to 42° the same as May 10th.  Outlying areas were cooler with most locations in the upper 30’s.  The coolest spot – Zionsville at 36° - long time weather watcher Randy Rogers in Frankfort, IN reported a hint of frost.


The southwest wind Wednesday afternoon combined with the late summer September Sun to elevate area temps 25° to 33° from morning lows.  A weak cold front will approach the state Thursday morning bringing high clouds into the area late night.  The combination of a southwest wind and high clouds will keep temps from dipping like last night.  We are forecasting a low of 54 in the city.  Upper 40’s are likely away from the city.


Two more cold fronts will ride the northwest flow of the Jet Stream into Indiana as the weekend opens.  Rain will move into the state Friday.  An average of 6 various rainfall generating computer model forecasts places about a half inch of rain down in the city.  Rain will develop late morning and scattered late Friday night.  Temps Friday will respond to the clouds and rain – falling into the 60’s after an early high in the lower 70’s. 

Cold front #2 moves in Saturday evening.  Saturday afternoon will turn breezy with steady temperatures in the middle 60’s, the front will pack a much colder punch – delivering area wide 30’s by Monday morning.  Sunday afternoon is expected to be very cool – about 15° to 20° degrees below normal.  It’s likely frost will develop early Monday morning as temps is the city fall into the upper 30’s with outlying areas colder.

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