Colts might have more time for Peyton Manning decision

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"D-Day" may actually be delayed.

According to reports on and, language in Peyton Manning's contract he signed last summer sets the hard deadline for a $28 million payment at 4 p.m. on Friday.

The language in the contract states, according to Jason LaCanfora and Mike Florio, that a decision on Manning's contract must be made two days before the start of the new NFL year. If that has not happened, the Indianapolis Colts would owe Manning $28 million per a non-excise clause in the contract.

Citing NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, the weekend before the start of the New Year does not count, that deadline is actually on Friday.

The only thing the Colts have to do is inform Manning on Thursday if their intention is to not pick up his bonus.  They can actually decide whether to sign him to a different contract or release him by 4 p.m.

If the Colts reach a new contract or release him by that time, they would not owe him $28 million.

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Indianapolis ColtsSportsFootballPeyton Manning