Couple dies from heat exhaustion inside Evansville home

John Griffin

The extreme heat is being blamed for two deaths in Indiana.

Paul and Marcella Armes were found dead in their mobile home in Evansville Monday.

Evansville Police said the temperature inside was 108 degrees. All of the windows and doors were shut.

Police think the air-conditioner was broken, and the couple may have died days before their bodies were discovered.

The last time a family member had spoken to them was July 1, when it was 105 degrees outside.

"They never bothered anybody. It was just an elderly couple and they just kept to themselves,” said John Griffin, neighbor.

The couple was found when a family member called for a welfare check Monday afternoon.

They apparently had two cars and a working telephone but never asked anyone for help.

An autopsy showed they died from heat exhaustion.

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