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Draft notes from New York: Class still first for Luck

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The idea that Andrew Luck will make an impact on the Colts is not far-fetched. 

His college performances and demeanor would point to the affirmative on such a conclusion.

Yet its that very thing that could limit the literal difference which the quarterback can make. Intent on finishing his degree at Stanford, Luck will not be a full member of the Colts until early June when his coursework officially ends.

"Officially I can join the team on June 8th after my last final, that's the first day I can really go out and help," said Luck of his academics.

Luck can participate in the Colts' rookie mini-camp in May before returning to Stanford to complete his degree in architectural design.

"I'm sure there are going to be ways around the learn the playbook or hopefully try to meet up with guys in different areas to start that familiarity process," said Luck.

RG3 Goes Second

With the chance of being drafted by the Colts as the replacement for Manning, Robert Griffin III is preparing for his career with the Redskins.

Though it has yet to be officially confirmed by the franchise it is expected that the Washington will take the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner with the second overall pick in Thursday's draft. 

Griffin warranted consideration from the Colts after not only showing his ability to run in his final season at Baylor (699 Yards, ten touchdowns) but also to throw. He put up comparable stats to Luck, tossing 37 touchdowns compared to just six interceptions while gaining 4,293 yards through the air for the Bears. 

On Wednesday Griffin didn't take exception to not being the first selected but rather had pride in what will be just the fifth draft to have quarterbacks taken with the top two selections.

"He's a great quarterback," said Griffin of Luck who he participated with in the NFL's Play 60 event at Chelsea Park in Manhattan. "Loved meeting him at the Heisman and it was great be out there with him today."

Fleener Seal Of Approval

Sounding more like a doting father than a former teammate, Coby Fleener gave a very blunt and effective answer to a simple question.

"The best kind," said Fleener when asked about what kind of guy the Colts were getting in Luck, whom he caught passes from as a tight end at Stanford. "He's one of those guys who you would let your sister date because he's that good of a guy.

"I can't say enough good things about him."

Beyond personal feelings, Fleener could say the same about how Luck has helped his own NFL prospects. The former Cardinal tight end caught 34 passes for 667 yards and ten touchdowns in 2011 and is considered a late first round or early second round selection. 

That could put him in a position to be drafted by the Colts with their second pick of the selections and he would jump at the chance to make the Stanford connection work in Indianapolis.

"Whether its now or somewhere down the road I would love to catch passes from Andrew again and just hang out," said Fleener. "I get excited about thinking about it."

Stat Of The Draft - 4

The number of quarterbacks taken by the Colts with the first pick in the NFL Draft, including Luck's selection on Thursday.

Manning was the last quarterback to be selected first in 1998 and was preceeded by Jeff George (1990) and John Elway (1983). It was in the Baltimore era that the Colts grabbed their first quarterback with the top spot, selecting Oregon's George Shaw in 1955.


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Indianapolis ColtsCoby FleenerAndrew LuckStanford CardinalSportsFootballNFL