Eric Wells' family reacts to Court of Appeals decision

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The family of Eric Wells called the Indiana Court of Appeals decision to allow David Bisard's blood to be used as evidence in court tremendous.
Mary and Aaron Wells were emotional after they learned about the ruling Wednesday.

"It's a blessed day, you know, just to know that this man (David Bisard) can -at the very least- face the truth and that's all we ever asked for," Aaron Wells said.
Mary Wells described the ruling as great news.

"When we do get decisions like today, it kind of makes up for the bad decisions, for the mistakes and everything else that's happened in the past," Mary Wells said.
Eric Wells was killed was on Aug. 6, 2010.  Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly were injured in the crash.  IMPD Officer David Bisard was responding to a call, when investigators said, the crash happened along 56th street.  This case has raised many questions about the handling of crucial evidence.  The Wells family said this latest decision changes many aspects of the case.
"It changes a lot and I think over the next several months, you know, many things will happen and develop.  Hopefully, not as they have in the past with so many things going wrong with one particular case.  Hopefully, this is the beginning for things to come that at least go right.  And, right in our book is justice being sought," Aaron Wells said.

"This will help put us on a road to trial and maybe get this part of this ordeal over with," Mary Wells said. "In my heart I know that it will.  It will take time and it's like anything in the courts, it's slow. Justice is slow, but I feel in my heart that when this is over with, I believe justice will be served."

The Wells family said they are hopeful about the long road ahead.

"There's always some reserve that you don't know what the decision is going to be.  I think we always felt like that -whatever decision the higher court handed down- it'd be the right decision," Aaron Wells said.

Mary Wells said, once the legal part of this is over, she can begin to heal and grieve her son's death.

"It will not bring Eric back, but it will give us a chance, as a family, to start healing, to know we have taken it as far as we can take it," she said.
Fox59 spoke with the Eric's widow, Luisa Montilla Wells, who shared the following words about the ruling:

"I am pleased with the courts’ decision which validates what we have known all along. We understand, however, this will continue to be a lengthy process as we anticipate the defense appealing the decision to the Indiana Supreme Court."
Fox59 reached out to Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly for a comment, but did not receive a response.

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