Eric Wells' widow releases statement following latest in Bisard case

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Eric Wells' widow released a statement Thursday following the recent developments in the David Bisard Case.

Bisard is accused of crashing his squad car into a group of motorcyclists on Aug.6, 2010, killing Wells and severely injuring both Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly.

Tuesday, it was revealed that a second vial of Bisard's blood had been moved from a refrigerated storage area to a non-refrigerated area.

Luisa Montilla-Wells' statement follows:

I’m disappointed, yet not surprised, by the recent discovery of the mishandling of evidence by IMPD. Only a few days after my husband’s life was taken and our future dreams destroyed, I sent letters to city officials including the Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, expressing my concerns. In the letter to Governor Daniels, I begged him to intervene and not allow the IMPD to conduct the investigation. I asked for an independent and unbiased department to handle it since it involved one of their own officers and created a conflict of interest. I pointed out that the investigation by IMPD was not handled properly from the beginning and I was sure that additional “mishaps” were going to occur.

The FBI investigated, however why wasn’t the remainder of the investigation handed off to a higher Law Enforcement Agency that had jurisdiction, such as the State Police?

Now almost two years later, the other victims and my family have to endure the burden of another city official’s poor decision. To this day, I still have not heard Governor Daniels’ feelings on his decision not to intervene especially in light of the latest “mistake” by IMPD and the additional loss of citizen’s confidence in our police force.

It is extremely easy to say “let’s not jump to conclusions and see what the investigation reveals,” while I have had to sit in a courtroom month after month praying that nothing else has been botched. I am tired of hearing “we’re sorry” from city officials and IMPD for the continuous mishandling of this case. It’s not that I don’t want to listen; it’s IMPD’s actions that are undermining their words.

I just want my husband and the other victims to have a fair chance at justice, a privilege afforded to them by our civil rights.
Luisa Montilla-Wells

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