Estimated 21,000 show up for Obama rally at fairgrounds

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Supporters lined up for hours before Obama even landed in Indianapolis.

"I want to see him in person and see if what I see in person, is what I see on tv," said 24-year-old Crystal Pearl. Pearl and approximately 21,000 other Obama supporters cheered democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as he talked about the economic crisis and how he would steer the country out.

"I will give a tax cut to 95% of all workers," said Obama. "John McCain and I are both offering tax cuts the difference is he wants to give it to executives at fortune five hundred companies but nothing for thousands of americans."

Obama laid out his proposal for universal health care for all Americans criticizing McCain's plan for a $5,000 per person health care tax cut.

"McCain doesn't say how he will tax your health benefits for the first time in history," said Obama.

The candidate spoke for about an hour as thousands of supporters wore rain ponchos holding up their Obama signs. Polls now show the two presidential candidates nearly neck and neck in the Hoosier State.

The rally is the 46th visit to Indiana for the democratic presidential candidate.

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