Expert offers advice on keeping your skin soft in the winter

Even though the brutal winter weather isn't too far off, now is the time to start thinking about your skin for tomorrow and beyond.

Most of us moisturize our skin, come sun or snow. However, you might need more than that, according to Susan Barnes with Phases in Carmel. Barnes recommends a hydrating B gel from Skinceuticals.

"If you still feel dry during the winter, you can add this serum and it's going to help trap moisture into your skin," she said.

Penetrating all the layers of skin is what is so important. With that in mind, you may have heard about the new machines that freeze layers of fat away. Barnes says cool-sculpting really does work—and makes for a great Christmas gift.

"That gives you the whole winter to see the reduction in fat. Using this product is going to reduce the production of cellulite, and then you'll be ready for spring," she explained.

The treatment only lasts an hour—and most people see results in a month of two. Those results can be dramatic, with up to a 40 percent reduction in fat tissue after four months.

Barnes said a brand-new product, Smoothe Silhouette, may make an even bigger impact. When it comes to the highly-concentrated lotion—you’ll feel the burn.

"By the time it gets down to the fatty tissue, it's still at 40 percent active and it helps stimulate the blood flow. Which I can attest to, you can feel it ... so it's working," said Barnes.

She added that the sensation can get a little hot.

With temperatures in mind, just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you should keep the sunscreen in your cabinet. Barnes said the sun's UV-A rays are just as strong in the winter months, doing damage to your skin.

"It's out 24/7. It penetrates the clouds. It's all the time," Barnes said. "I always tell my patients that (they) continually need to wear sunscreen every day, even through the winter time."

Barnes’ other big tip: exfoliate twice a week. That way all those products can penetrate into your skin.

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