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Family tours home destroyed by south side blast

Pat McAfee

A family displaced by an explosion in their south side neighborhood returned home to see the destruction and shared the images with Fox59.

Brett Cocherell, his wife, and their two boys lived three doors away from the home that exploded in their Richmond Hills neighborhood, Saturday night.

Cocherell and one of his children were out of town when the blast happened. His wife and their other son were home, but were able to make it out alive.

When they returned to look at how badly his home had been damaged, Cocherell said he was speechless.

"You see things like that, you know, in war zones," he said.

Through pictures he took, he showed Fox 59 how not one room was spared from the blast. Windows were blown out and their belonging were crushed under rubble. He didn't even know if anything was salvageable.

He explained how his family has been on an emotional roller coaster ever since.

On Monday, he told his son they were going to a fundraiser for the victims of the explosion and that Colts player Pat McAfee would attend. His son asked if he could take his Colts shirt to get an autograph. Cocherell said he had to explain to his son that they couldn't go home and the shirt probably wasn't there anymore.

"You think you're having a fine moment and next thing you know you've got tears rolling down your face."

Amazingly, the family is holding onto something that cannot be destroyed. They love their neighborhood and their community and are grateful for the support they've received.

"It's why we'll rebuild," said Cocherell. "There's no question about it. It's where our home was and it's where our home will be."

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Pat McAfee