Fans worry new NFL security guidelines will slow entry to games

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New security changes at Lucas Oil Stadium have fans worried about major tie-ups going into the games.

The NFL is requiring all 31 stadiums to have and use metal detectors for games by the end of November.

David LeCompte is a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

"It sounds kinda ridiculous. You've got phones, keys. Hopefully you don't have to take off your shoes."

James Jones said he is anticipating longer lines.

"It's gonna be a lot longer. It's gonna take a lot longer because of the process."

Alex Trueblood said getting in is already a process fans are prepared for.

"It might make the line a little bit slower, but they're already slow as it is."

In Green Bay last weekend, fans had to wait in long lines to get into the game.  

There is no word on when Indianapolis will start doing the same at Lucas Oil Stadium. Colts officials said that they haven't gotten the wands yet and they will still have to train their security staff before they can roll the new process out.

For die-hard fans like Alex Trueblood, nothing, not even long lines will keep him away from the game, "I'll go either way. No question."

Hoosiers are already accustomed to going through  metal detectors for sporting events. The Pacers already use metal detectors as part of their security at Conseco Fieldhouse.

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