Fewer Fans At The Brickyard

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By all accounts, this year's Allstate 400 was attended by fewer fans. There were quite a few empty seats in the stands and plenty of parking spots.

Every year there are typical reasons fans flock to the 400.

"Meet the people. There's a lot of people from all over the country around here," said fan and Denver resident Eric Moore.

"Cuz I wanna watch Tony Stewart race," sad fan and Greenfield resident Grant Hannon.

But according to many, this year, this race, is anything but typical.

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"It's dwindled down a bit compared to last year, ya. But a little bit less. It makes it better. have more room in the seats," said Moore.

Spacious seating in some spots. Enough to stretch your legs and not worry about the guy in front of you. Fewer people in the hot dog line too. And the ever-popular beer guys and gals even had some down time.

Ticket sales were down in 2009. The track won't say down by how much, but long-time vendor Steve Hart is about as honest as it gets.

"We were anticipating and hoping for a great weekend. Well, I'm sorry it didn't come. We're at least 60-75% off what we were last year in sales. And you know, what can you say? The economy? Lack of interest? Whatever, it's just a sad day," said vendor Steve Hart.

Because those that are buying tickets aren't buying as much merchandise.

"Uh, not much. Tickets and everything else, food. Not much," with fan and New Richmond resident Dave Meharry.

Of course it's not all bad news. The sun was shining, and as is typical every year, at least one father and son duo made a few memories to carry them through to next year.

"Great weather and seeing a lot of neat people as usual, but overall, we're having a great time today," said fan and Greenfield resident Steve Hannon.

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