12 year old killed in rollerblading accident

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12-year-old Helaina Hawkins was accidentally struck and killed on 10th street just off Country Club Road at 6:15pm Tuesday. Hawkins' friends say she was an "A" student at Chapel Hill Junior High.

After playing with four friends Helaina headed home with another girlfriend on roller blades just after dark.

"Helaina was the second to go on the skates. She was crossing the street and was halfway there and the car hit her," said Stone Tijerina, 12.

Helaina had just been talking with Stone and several other friends when she and her girlfriend decided it was time to go home.

60-year-old Clarence Waters of Waterloo, Indiana accidentally hit Helaina as she crossed 10th street. Police say there's no indication Waters was impaired or driving at a high rate of speed. Neighbors say the street is poorly lit. The impact on the right of the front windshield is proof Helaina had almost made it to the north side of the street.

"She joined everything, book club, math challenges, she was a very sweet girl," said one neighbor.

"She always kept to herself never said anything bad and we were about the only people she ever really knew," said Stone.

"A lot kids play in the front of the apartment complex," said Kenyadda Griffin who lives in the complex.

"She was a smart kid and a good kid," said Stone. "The only thing I could ever say I knew about her is she was happy all the time."

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