Hamilton County Health Department continues to address measles outbreak

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Schools in Hamilton County are back to their regular schedules after what has been a long week full of students battling the measles.

"Just trying to stay on top of it," said Barry McNulty, Hamilton County Health Department.

McNulty said he and his staff were working 15-hour days to keep the disease from spreading.

"We had 25 at the office two days ago and the day before that about 50," said McNulty.

It was not all about the students though, teachers and other staff members had to make sure their shot records were up to date. 

In a statement online, on "The Learning Connection," members of the Department of Education said:

"Since an outbreak can occur very quickly and can be triggered by a single case, schools are encouraged to start preparing their school communities now, even if a school does not have a case at the present time."

For some staff that meant having blood drawn.

"We could do the blood draws to see if they were alright and some of them needed to be updated," said McNulty.

Teachers who got vaccinated have been told stay away from school while their bodies build up an immunity to the disease.  The Department of Health said that could take anywhere from 7-14 days.  The challenge now is to find healthy teachers to teach potentially sick students.

"We have to have enough teachers to keep the school building open," said  Mark Booth, Director of Student Services at Noblesville.

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