Some businesses crediting heat wave for sales boom

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The continuing, rising mercury is driving Hoosiers to businesses geared for relief. Some are obvious choices for people looking to escape the oppressive heat, others are adapting and some are secrets still waiting to be discovered.

"It's hot outside," Amanda Moore said.  

She’s the Assistant Manager at the new Dairy Queen at Circle Centre Mall.

"It's over 100-degrees, so everybody wants some ice cream."  

The new DQ is a favorite with the masses with a receiving line stretching well into the aisle.  For them at least, the business of selling things cold, is on fire.

"I would say that it's up a lot.  I honestly don't know.  I haven't ran any of the money or looked at that kind of stuff."

Movie theatres are also a big draw and there’s none bigger than IMAX.
"We've definitely seen at least a 10-15% increase in our afternoon shows," Craig Mince said.  

He runs the IMAX at the Indiana State Museum.

Afternoon shows aren't typically that busy but the heat's playing a starring role in their new-found popularity.  The manager credits three popular films, "Born to Be Wild," "Sea-Rex 3d," and "Transformers 3," and of course air-conditioning.  

Mince is not exactly applauding the hot weather, though.

"No, it's bloody hot out there, so we want everybody to be safe obviously, but if you're going to be safe, might as well come see a movie at the IMAX Theatre, right?"  

The fact that one of the facilities with the greatest quantity of ice on hand, hasn't been a hotter attraction is surprising. The Indiana World Skating Academy is keeping plenty cool at Pan Am Plaza.  

"I think people have a mindset of holiday, Christmas and skating with your gloves and hat," said Shari Vehslage, Spokesperson for the complex.

These days, it's comfortably chilly in there, but with a 3-level parking garage just below the rink, keeping the ice solid has been a slippery proposition.

"We have three floors of heat rising, so it's quite a challenge," Vehslage said. "Our compressor system has really kicked in and it's doing a wonderful job of keeping the ice cold."

It's one of the few places in town where getting some exercise, still feels pretty cool.

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