Snowfall causes accidents across Central Indiana


The snow blew in like a wave Thursday morning.  Roads were very slick, visibility was very limited.

"I was heading northbound from Indianapolis an when I hit about Lebanon it really started to get icy and that is when I started to see people slide off," said driver Kimberly Sears-Lane.

One slide off during the morning commute could have been deadly.  A semi driver lost control and smashed into a guardrail.  His cab caught fire.  Sears-Lane pulled onto the shoulder to make sure everyone was okay.

"I saw fire, I smell diesel, I called 911," said Sears-Lane.

Fire crews put out the flames, an ambulance checked out the semi driver.

"It is bad, but the driver is okay," said Sears-Lane.

Traffic on I-65 North had to park it, as crews cleaned up the mess.  It was backed up for miles.

Kelvin Howard was hauling steel pipes from Harvey, Illinois to Danville, Kentucky. 
As a semi driver, he said he knows things can turn sour quickly, when road conditions get bad.

"Whatever the speed limit says, you need to drop 15 miles per hour below that," said Howard.  "It is kind of slick out there."

Police warn motorists to use caution when entering or exiting ramps on the interstate, as well as reduce the speed when encountering wet, ice or snow covered road conditions.

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