Indianapolis Zoo welcomes African elephant calf

The Indianapolis Zoo is welcoming yet another bundle of joy.

Elephant mother Ivory gave birth to her third calf after a 22 month pregnancy on Thursday, June 28 at 11:58 p.m.

The female calf weighed 244 pounds. She is reported to be healthy and strong. She has also been curiously exploring with her trunk.

She has shown the positive sign of standing up just after a few minutes of birth. In addition, the Indianapolis Zoo reports the calf has successfully nursed multiple times overnight.

"This birth occurs at a time when African elephants in the wild are under severe pressure from poaching. This calf, born 10,000 miles away from Africa, will serve as an ambassador to her species, encouraging people to get involved in programs like Save the Elephants and the Tarangire Elephant Project that work to protect elephants in the wild," said Michael Crowther, Indianapolis Zoo President and CEO.

All Indianapolis Zoo elephants were born through artificial insemination (Al). Ivory, a 30 year old elephant, is the second African elephant to give birth to three elephants using Al. The other elephant is Kubwa, whose last birth in July 20, 2011 was a record setting third birth. 

This is the sixth elephant that has been born at the Indianapolis Zoo. The calf will join seven other elephants at the Indianapolis Zoo.

The Indianapolis Zoo will be accepting name suggestions through their Facebook page. Keep checking their Facebook page for updates on the calf.

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